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Question asked by Antonio RCdBbW1hcm8= on Feb 11, 2011
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I'm new to Solid works. My supervisor gave to me an assembly to do. It is composed by two parts (A - B), one fo the two (B) is on its own an assembly (C - D). C is like a parallelepiped and inside I put as cavity D. Now I'm doing the combination of A and B and I want that they are combined in a manner that they are just added and the cavities D are kept, like passage. I attach a picture of A - B you can see the 5 holes (D) in the picture B. Using function cavity will make watching only the cavities since it's the only part empty. I need to replace the place of B in A  with B itself. I cannot use the function match (near to divide).

I use SW 2009


Thank you very much for any help