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    Exporting Files Surfaces and Splines SiCad/SiCube

    Tom Callan



      I am using a 5-axis laser programming software that requires an iges file.  What the software needs is that the surfaces and the splines end up on different layers/colors.

      Does any one know how to export files as iges and end up having the surfaces and the splines/lines/arc on a different layer?  I have tried the Mastercam export with no success.


      The software i am trying to import the iges file to, is SiCad/SiCube made by an Italian company.


      I have been doing this using Mechanical Desktop for many years but we want to switch over to strictly SW.


      Please Help

      Tom C

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          Jerry Steiger



          You could try the other ten preference settings to see if one has the right combination, but I think you will probably end up doing two exports; one with "IGES solid/surface entities" checked and "Export 3D Curve features" not checked and one with "IGES wireframe (3D curves)" checked. I'm assuming that you have a way of changing the colors and/or layers once you get them from SW.


          Jerry Steiger