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SW not releasing files from memory

Question asked by Shamal Authar on Feb 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2011 by P. Farnham

I’d like to report a problem we’re having with SW not releasing files from memory.

It usually always happens after a crash, but sometimes it happens when you have just closed files in an ordinary fashion and SW is still running.


To solve the issue of SW holding files in memory even after it has been shut down, we have to go into windows task manager and look for SolidWorks.exe and kill the process.


Why is SW so bad at releasing files after  they are closed or after a crash? SW temp (~$) files are left behind almost always after a crash.

If I compare SW to Word or Excel, these programs hardly ever have the problem of retaining files in memory after a crash.

The temp (~$) files for Excel or Word almost always get cleaned up.


This problem is causing havoc with our data integrity in Adept (our document management software) and we are losing many hours of work a week.


Any suggestions guys.