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Tube bending and data tables

Question asked by Jeisson Parra on Feb 10, 2011

Hello.  I'm trying to design some new tube routing and reuse some old data from previous installations.  Is there a relatively simple way to do it in SW? I tried some of the routing features, but I don't think they're what I need.  My main focus is to reuse the previous geometries; if I can reproduce those, most of my problem will be solved.


I'm having a hard time reading and understanding the old bend data tables I have as well as translating them into a solid model.  Can anyone help me with any of this?  I'm not an expert with SW, but I would consider myself a competent user.


Here is an example of the data I'm talking about:


Header 1Header 2Header 3Header 4Header 5Header 6

Bend ProcedureRH
Bender TypeDouglas
Bend DataFrom "A"Bend [deg]Turn [deg]Dial [deg]Rad
Bend 1225001.25
Bend 218421651.25
Bend 31082601.25


Thanks for any help you can provide.