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    How do you use auto-recover in SolidWorks?

    Kevin Berni

      A little research about how and why you save auto-recover info in SolidWorks.


      Please take a moment to answer the questions in the following survey. http://solidworks.auto-recover.sgizmo.com/s3/


      Feel free to add comments here about how you use it currently.


      Thanks for your help,


      Kevin Berni

      SolidWorks User Experience

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          Nigel Bennett

          I can't use Autorecover. Unless I remember to use Explorer to navigate to my temporary folder and manually delete the swxJRNL.swj file before I start SolidWorks.


          Previous experience with it - several cuts of the software and a couple of machines ago, admittedly - I got so fed up with the time taken for SW to save stuff to back-up files that it was more productive to lose half-an-hour's work occasionally.


          I used to like watching Pro/E (18.0) do a recover - a whole day's work on your screen in about five minutes - but more often than not it would fall over before getting to where I wanted it to.


          So my experience of auto-recover is possibly a little more embittered than most, and as a result I don't use it - just a load of swear words instead.

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            Jeff Hamilton

            The only time we would ever use it is as a recovery from a crash or power failure. But I have rarely found a program, Solidworks included, where it actually worked. So personally I just save often.

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              Scott McFadden

              We back up every night. Recover files from the backup.

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                John Summers

                I have tried to stick to it over the years but my experiences with it is that it isn't reliable enough to be of any use.  Reliability of it seems to vary somewhat with each release.

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                  Rick McWilliams

                  Autorecover has never worked for me. It slows progress and always seems to happen when I am doing something. I turn it off. I save with a different name every half hour. This can still mess up an assembly.


                  Auto-recover is a very poor bandaid for crashing software. Please flush it entirely.

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                    Dougal Hiscock

                    Autorecover only seems to have the files I haven't changed.  How about replacing it with a little user-settable flag which says "3* model/drawing changes since your last save.  Are you feeling lucky punk?"


                    Where 3* is the actual number of changes you can set.

                    Personally I save often, save and save-all are probably my most used commands.  Does it need to be like this?

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                      Kieran Choy

                      I have turned it off, and recommended to other people to turn it off too.


                      Firstly, because it causes "Failed to save" errors (or turning it off resolves them). Not sure if this has been addressed.


                      Secondly, it only presents saved data if SolidWorks crashes a certain way. If it freezes and is killed from task manager, or if it crashes with some errors (or just disappears off the screen), often there is no option to recover auto-save data. In such instances you also do not seem to be able to browse to the auto-recover directory and save the data there somewhere else and open it either, which is frustrating.


                      So I prefer to turn it off, use the backup and reminder options and save often, rather than rely on auto-recover.

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                        Bonnie Caruthers

                        it's useless.  I have been using SW for about a 1 1/2 years and  every time it crashes/freezes I have never once have an auto-recover file in the directory, nor have I had an option to recover a file.  I have my back-up set to save 10(!) backups (in fact, needed that #10 today - tho' that is rare), never delete them and depend on them. I have my save reminder set to every 10 minutes and try to do it when it pops up, but sometimes I am so engrossed I dismiss it.  I wish there was just a background auto-save option. I come from 15 years with Pro/E which has terrible save options.


                        I have lost many hours of work over the months due to this auto-recover failure and from reading above, it is not only me it doesn't work for. I am posting right now b/c it just happened again after lost work on a complicated loft and I was searching the boards for a solution to the lack of auto-recover file :-/


                        Btw, often times when  it asks if I want to restart SW or not (after crash/freeze)  and I say yes, it won't. All very frustrating.

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                            Jim Wilkinson

                            Hi Bonnie,


                            I don't see your SolidWorks version in your profile so I am not sure what you are running. However, we made improvements to auto-recover in SolidWorks 2012. Please see the last post in this thread for details:

                            Autorecover is useless - please discuss


                            I hope this helps,


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                                Keith Butzbach

                                This is a nigtmare.

                                Had another crash last night when job was basically finished & had been saving so was not too upset.

                                This morning tried to open without using outo recover files.


                                Could not stop it throwing in some files from auto recover.

                                Looks like some how it has both my files & auto recover files opened at the same time!


                                references are mixed up and totally screwed my models up.


                                I have spent hours trying to fix it still not finished yet.



                                You realy need some simple way to tell it not to load any auto recove files when opening & for that to work.


                                Solid works 2012 is even worse than SW2008.


                                Got new HP Z210 LW010PA - HP Z210 CMT 89+ E3-1270 8GB 2X 1TB Q2000 DVDRW WIN 7 PRO 64

                                New install of SW2012.

                                Had a little problem with interface so reseller uninstalled & reinstalled SW2012 SP1.

                                Absolute mess, destroyed drawings with default setup.


                                Had to use their Copy settings.

                                Support spent 3 days pissing around with the install.

                                Since then had nothing but problems.


                                Now on SW2012 SP2 praying for SP3 to fix some of the issues.


                                This is just about the last straw.

                                If I could convert files from SW2012 back to SW2011 I would & dump SW2012 wait for SW2013 & pray.


                                I am going to turn Auto Recover off as its so bad.

                                If I lose a days work its better than what I'm going through now.

                                I save regularly so at least I know what I'm doing.

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                                  Seth Brown

                                  Despite all the complaining on this thread, auto-recovery for 2015 works just fine and I have used it several times using this procedure:



                                  However, my coworker can't check the auto-recovery box. It's grayed-out and everything in that section is not editable. He can make changes to the following two sections though. Why is this?

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                                Elias Chavez

                                With time you learn to predict what, when and how to crash the software and the steps to avoid it, even thought recently the latest releases don't crash as much, using that keyboard short cut to save every 5-10 min would keep you from losing your work. Over 5 years I have used auto recover about 3 times only.

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                                    Keith Butzbach


                                    I did save.

                                    The problem is auto-recovery files keep getting in the mix some how.

                                    If I had of had auto-recovery off I would not have lost anything. Maybe 2 minutes work!


                                    2 days ago I throught it was going to slow so turn Rx on to capture it for Reseller & Rx caused SW to Crash.


                                    With SW2012 it's crashes min oncwe a day sometimes about 6 times!


                                    I save alll the time believe me!

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                                        Elias Chavez

                                        Hi Keith, we all have learned to say no when the software prompts you to recover the files after a crash (if any) instead what we do is just open the file and start at the latest saved point where we left off, hopefully within a few minutes of the crash that way only small amount of time is lost (which rarely happens). If you let the software to open the auto-recovered file it will not be the same time frame as you usually save (depending on your particular settings) and more time is lost. In my opinion is good to have auto recover as a safe cushion, I remember when a partner accidentally erased a complete assembly from the server and it was quick to put it together from the auto recovered folder in my computer that have the network administrator look trough the back up system that he runs every night. As a tip when you revise a file you may save it (filename_r1, filename_r2, and document that changes) that way if something happens to your data you can always open the previous revision and make the small change.

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                                      Mark Biasotti

                                      Hi Kevin,


                                      Auto recover does not work work me but I do employ a workaround that "sometimes" works:


                                      If my SW crashes or freezes, I go and check my "C:\Users\mbiasotti\AppData\Local\TempSWBackupDirectory\swxauto" folder (in details view) in my explorer window and look for the file and date of the ".swar" file. If it is recent, then I remove the suffix and load it.  when a .swar file exists SolidWorks will not prompt me that there are auto recovery documents (it use to years ago.) I think it was changed since then (perhaps in 2012 as Jim mentions) that it only prompts you  when you open the same file name, then it prompts you that there is a auto recover file that exists. I don't like this workflow because you really don't know if they auto recover file is what you really want given the user doesn't have enough info on when it saved and how it compares to the date of the officially saved file.