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    Link different lines together

      Not sure what you're after but I think you wanted a "block"?

        • Link different lines together
          If I draw 4 independant lines that touch each other
          at the points (extremities) How can I connect those
          4 lines to be 1 element.

          • Link different lines together
            Tools, Sketch Tools, Repair Sketch. This will take multiple lines that make up one and make it one continuous line.
            • Link different lines together
              are the lines colinear? if not, you might try using a Fit Spline.
                • Re: Link different lines together
                  I know this posting has been almost one year ago since interaction between users, but I was looking for an answer today and came across this posting. So I would like to share in order to help others.

                  I have an edge that is linear and then slopes down to another linear surface. There aren't any curves. I wanted to pattern a feature along this edge, but had to find a way to first make the multiple edges that were converted in one entity. I tried the Fit Spline as mentioned above. However, that added curvature to the line that I did not want. So I kept looking for more tools and came across the "composite curve" command located on the curves toolbar. This command took all my sketched lines and converted them into one entity without distorting them in any way.

                  Hope this helps somebody.