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Tool Surface cut

Question asked by Tim Phillips on Feb 9, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2011 by Michael Nelson

Hi Newbie here.


I am a very new to Solid Works. I'm using SW2010. I'm originally a Pro-E guy so there is a couple ways I did things in Pro and I'm trying to do them in SW. To keep my question easy I explain a simple one. Basicly in Pro-E if I had a I could create a "Tool Surface" that represented the clearance holes in the different mold plates. This surface would be in the ejector pin part file. This Surface would get put on a layer called Tool_S. I could turn the Tool_s layer on at any level of the design. I used tool surfaces to cut just about anything out of the mold Base, Cavities, slides etc. I would then make a plate or any component I wanted to cut, active & do a solidify cut feature by selecting the appropiate surface.  In SW I have been sucessful at copying the surface into the file,using offset '0', then cut with surface, then delete the surface. I have also tried making my tool surface a solid body instead. Thus making a multi body part. Then using the Cavity Tool. This usually works as the system seems to cut everything away( both solids ) this works because my tool surface is usually bigger then the main component. This seems to work but I have ran into an issue when I create an 'As Molded Part" This part represents the part, runner, overflows it they are applicable. the File then get used to calculate actuall shot size. If I use the cavity tool to cut all the tool steel away it get me what I want, but if cut ej.pins or Core Pins or anything that has a Tool Surface/Body in it. It cuts the clearance not just the main component, i expected this to happen. Is There a way to select which solid Body to use when using Multi body parts with the cavity tool? Using surfaces instead works but takes way to many steps in Solid works. The Cavity tool seems to be my best option. What methods do any of you use? Is there a better tool to use?


I've been on Solid Works for all of weeks now. I think it's a pretty good software. Just a couple things like this are really bugging me.


Thanks in Advance


Tim Phillips