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Problems with Excel Limitations

Question asked by Ryan Myers on Feb 9, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2011 by Ryan Myers

Over the years I've used many (countless) design tables and seem to run into limitations in the way soldiworks is handling excel functions.  I thought updating to Excel 2007 would resolve some them but so far No.  I'm using SW2009 Professional 64x SP5.1 and Excel 2007.


1.  We use SW BOM's for pretty much everything.  But we've reached our first limitation when we needed to have more than 26 columns.  When saving the SW BOM to excel any column above "Z" changes to some arrangment of characters (like $$ or % as column headers) which excel will not recognize.  We've managed to work around this for now but soon we'll be looking to go beyond the 26 column limit.  Going to to two or three different BOM's is not an option since the excel file generated gets dumped into an other program for use in other departments.


2. Design Tables with more than 256 columns - On occasion we will have design tables which reach beyond the 256 limit which Excel had (prior to Excel 2003 I think).  I thought this was fixed when we updated to Excel 2007 (which doesn't have this limit).  But any design table I create in excel which breach that limit SW will give errors (basically stating i have to many columns)


3.  Nested Excel Functions -  In older version of Excel there was a limit to 7 nested functions (ie 7 IF statements in one equation or IF this Then CONCATENATE that, MATCH this etc)  Again Excel 2007 doesn't have this limit (or any limit on this that I've found) but When the design table is inserted in a SW part you recieve errors about too many nested functions.


It would appear that whatever code or logic that allows SW to work with Excel is still holding onto some old limits.


Has anyone else run into this???  Anyone have some work arounds???  Is there any hint that these limits will be (have been) resolved in future SW releases??