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Forcing Next Rev at Secondary Level?

Question asked by Michael Hess on Feb 9, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2011 by Joseph Ankers

Hello All:


We have a revision scheme that basically goes

     PRE for anything before official release

     NC at initial release, then






We use secondary revisions, like A-1, C-2 ...


Upon checking, Solidworks by default seems to increase the primary revision. I am noticing that lots of our users don't read that table at check-in, particularly when they are dealing with multi-multi-multi screen huge assemblies, so at each check-in, they're going up a major revision. Now I have lots of drawings that are still in "PRE"release that are already at rev L or so in the Vault. That means the Vault rev is not the real rev, and now I have to modify titleblocks, so instead of pulling the rev level from the file, the user manually has to fill it in (because rev L is really still in PRE). That seems to defeat the whole purpose.


I have deleted entire filesets from the vault before and checked them back in, new, at a lower revision.

That works, but is pretty horrible.


I am wondering if there is a way to force Solidworks to increase revisions at the secondary level first/only, requiring a manual override to jump primary revisions. So instead of going from PRE to NC, it would go from PRE to PRE-01, automatically, for all the users.


I didn't see anything in the Vault Admin tools.

I'd be happy with a macro, or a registry setting, or anything, because this issue is becoming problematic.


And getting the users to change hasn't been very easy either.


Thank You,