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Revision Table Update

Question asked by Joseph Lord on Feb 9, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2011 by Nathanael Powers

Hi ,


I am sorting out my drawing sheet formats that include a revision table. I have got it working fine, so that when I check in the drawing the next revision row is added, giving me a revision number, description and date. I found out that you have to fill in the description row by filling in the notes box when checking in.


What I need to know is how to fill in the approved box? Obviously you can't do this manually because solidworks doesn't fill in the next revision row until you check the drawing in (bit stragne, I would have liked to see the row filled in when I am still working on the drawing, never mind).


Also, how do you add revision symbols to the drawing also. I have tried to do this but again, because the drawing doesn't update the revison untill check in, you can't add the revision symbols you want. I have to check the drawing in, which then updates, then check out again to add the symbols for that revision (02 for example).