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Thread Display vs. Part No. - How to allow duplicate part no's?

Question asked by Brandon Thomas on Feb 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2011 by Matt Rohr

I am setting up Toolbox using the export-import method to load part numbers.  I would like to leave all three thread displays available, since we occasionally want to change, depending on intent (e.g., for technical illustration, marketing, etc. we sometimes want the pretty "schematic" thread display).


My problem is that I seem to be forced to assign unique part numbers to each thread display, even though I have checked "Allow duplicate part numbers for geometrically equal components" in section 3 of the Toolbox setup. After I import from a shreadsheet set up to give the same part number for each thread display, then try to save, I get a duplicate part number error and cannot continue.


I would prefer to allow users to switch the thread display without causing changes to the BOM part number. In adition, I wold also prefer not to have a dash number, or similar part number appendage, for thread display.  I understand that, to SW, it is a different part.  To purchasing, it is not!


Thanks in advance for suggestions.


Brandon Thomas