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SW2011 crashes with Windows 7

Question asked by Nick Zotov on Feb 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2011 by Nick Zotov

I have SW 2011 Professional SP2.

I've recently switched my computer from using Windows Xp and SW 2010  (which ran fine) to Windows 7 (need it to see how web sites work in IE9)  and SW 2011.

Even with very little runnning, and simple assemblies - and related  drawings, I am having the computer frequently freezing.  Ctrl+Alt+Del  makes no difference.  I have made sure I have the latest graphics driver.

I accept that my RAM is a bit minimal - even so I have been  surprised. I'm semi-retired these days - so was hoping to leave the  hardware alone.

There is no consistent pattern that triggers the fault, other than it only happens with SW.

My system has:

OS: Windows Professional  7
CPU: Intel Core Duo CPU E6650 2.33 GHz
Display Adapter: NVDIA Quadro FX570

Any thoughts on what might be causing the problem?