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benchmark test results

Question asked by Michael Bonitatibus on Feb 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2011 by Greg Jankowski

I have two questions about the benchmark tests in SW2011.


Can some one explain what the "render" test results under 1 mean?

Specifically why would one instance of an X 920 CPU have a value of 0.6 (with a Quadro FX 2800m) and in another

instance be over 54.3 ( with a Quadro FX 3800m) ?

Both instances are Dell Precision M6500 platforms and both video cards are high end.


Why are sub $200 video cards performing on par with high end cards?  

there doesn't seem to be a clear winner on performance from the test results.

given that  the high end CPUs would be partnered with high end graphics boards it is supprising

to see a Quadro 600 getting the same test results (31.5) as a Quadro 4000.

Shouldn't the 4000 be 5 times faster?