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Adding a custom header with User/Date/Time to all drawing prints from vault

Question asked by Shanna Easley on Feb 8, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by Pete Yodis

Hello, I know the task print has the functionality we want but our IT department is unwilling to add network printers to our SQL server.  We recently upgraded from InnoCielo - TeamWork 2007 to Enterprise PDM.  Our migration was successful but an outdated drawing hit the production floor.  We currently have no way to know who printed the outdated file (training issue) or if this is a permission issue because we do not know who printed the drawing.  TeamWork had the built-in functionality to add a header to all prints.  I believe we could accomplish this using the Task Print capability but without adding printers to the server, the only option we have is PDF (not all computers have PDF).


Any help is appreciated!