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    EPDM web client/server - Install

    Simon Schuck



      Looking to implement access via the web to vault and was wondering if its reccomended to install it on a different machine or if its ok to install on the same server as the vault?


      Also are there any documents as to how to setup and install this?



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          Joy Garon

          Hi Simon -


          You can find the Web Server Guide (PDF) on the Enterprise CD in the folder Support\Guides\GB - refer to the section titled Requirements which states:


          Install the Enterprise PDM Web server on a Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
          enabled system.
          This can be a separate system or a system running the Enterprise PDM archive server,
          database server, or client. For more secure access, install the Web server component on
          its own perimeter network.


          The document will guide you through the installation and setup process.




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            Lee CS Young

            One thing to note about the Web Server is that it will only run on a 32bit OS.