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Control Logic works differently in 2010

Question asked by Ross McEllhiney on Feb 7, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2011 by Joy Garon

Please Help


In EPDM 2007,2008,2009 I used the Control logic to hide a series of ComboBox Dropdowns


I would place 6 or 7 combobox drop downs on top of each other. I would hide all but the one that I needed with the Contol logic hide function. I would connect all the combobox dropdowns to the same variable name. but connect each one to seperate special values. This would allow me to control the drop list that is required for special situations.


This worked fine until 2010 Version 4, Now only one of the 7 combobox values will save when the file is checked in. The other 6 the value is replaced with a "Blank" Value.


This was a very useful tool and now I can not make it work,


I know that a dropdown field can be controlled with a controlled varable and multiple lists, the probelm is I can not figure how to use a wildcard in the Varible Value field.


I also know how to write API but Contol Logic worked well in the past.


The control logic will allow wild cards and will let me select a part of a file name string like c:\ProjectNumber\accountring\  you can put the \Accounting\ in the variable  value. I use this to create drop lists that only apply to Accounting documents



If anyone know if SW eliminated this function please let me know. I have created ANOUTHER workaround, but the Control Logic hide worked much better