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"Default templates not valid" error box

Question asked by Michael Gera on Feb 7, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2011 by Jerry Steiger

Sorry if this has been asked before...


I keep getting this dialog box when doing top-down modeling...inserting a new part onto an assembly:


"The default templates are not valid.The problems can be resolved by
correcting the default templates under the options dialog. Do you want
to continue with a blank template.


I get this message other times also.


How do I remedy this?  I am using Solidworks 2010 service pack 4.0. 


Also, speking of top-down modeling, when I go to save a new "child" part (created from a surface of a parent assembly) the default file name is, let's say for example is partxx.  I don't see any option to change this name to a real part number name, and have been using SW Explorer to change the file name after saving as partxx.sldprt. This is an annoying work-around, I must be doing something wrong / not seeing something.


Any help here is greatly appreciated.