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    Edrawing fonts problem

    Yang Wang

      I've had problem with EDrawing fonts for a long time. The fonts size is bigger than it should be. If I open the same drawing in SolidWorks, the fonts size is fine.

      Does anyone have the same issue?

      I check tooling/options, it seems there is nothing to change font except for markup.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SW forums Yang.


          There can be several reasons of it and one of them might be a bad install or graphics issue.. But just to make sure/test, we might need details of your OS, SW version and SP, graphics card details. Is it a file specific issue? Also upload a sample drawing (both SW and e-drawing) that show these issues.


          Also read this post for your future reference: Forum Posting

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            Pradeep Sukumaran

            Did you fix this? I am also getting the same issue on one of the users machine.

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              Robert Schirka

              I too am having problems with my machine on viewing and printing eDrawings with messed up fonts. Surely I'm not the first one to experience this? Host machine prints and views the fonts correctly, my machine does not?

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                Steven Davis

                I have font problems as well. Our scheduler uses eDrawings to access SolidWorks slddwg files and print them for use in our shop. The fonts look acceptable on the display but when eDrawings prints the file, the fonts become larger with the characters slightly overlapping. This makes the print unusable as it is difficult to read at best.


                I opened the slddwg in SolidWorks and changed the font but that did not make any difference with eDrawings results.


                One interesting point is if I use eDrawings to open and print the slddwg on a machine that has SolidWorks installed everything works fine. I only have the font problem on machines that do not have SolidWorks installed.

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                  Joseph Rinek

                  Not sure if this is directly related to what you are experiencing, but in newer versions of eDrawings, either 2013 or 2014 I believe, if your Windows system font is scaled larger than the default for that specific windows display resolution, eDrawings seems to upsize the font accordingly. The only workaround I have found is to have my Windows system font set at the default size for my screen resolution. For example, my Windows 7 font is set at "smaller (100%)". If it was set at "medium (125%)", eDrawings upscaled the font in all of my drawings. Solidworks knows about the problem, but they have said there will be no fix since there is a workaround. They also said another fix was to save every drawing file as an eDrawings file as well which seems completely impractical. As amazing as it is, Solidworks truly took over Windows, and forces you to use a certain font or you can't use their program.