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Transfer Files to new server. Help Please.

Question asked by Fleming Networks on Feb 7, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2011 by Fleming Networks

I'm not sure this is the right place for this question but seeing as I am hoping that Solid PDM is the solution I figured it was appropriate. I am currently upgrading to a new server and the existing one simply acts as a file storage server for Solidworks files (and to distribute licences). I noticed a few things when simply trying to copy files to different locations. The following are the results:

Action: Copy from network drive to Local Drive:

Results: Assembly opens parts from Local copy


Action: Make second copy (folder renamed) of assembly on network drive

Results: Second assembly opens parts from second folder


Action: Copy ONLY assembly file from second folder to Local Drive

Results: Assembly opens parts from ORIGIONAL copy on network drive.


So it would appear that SW uses relative paths to open parts in an assembly first and then if the relative path does not return the parts it uses 'hard paths'. In other words if it cant find the files in relation to the assembly file it looks for it in relation to where the file was origionally created on the harddrive.


This will cause an issue if I were to simply copy the files over to the new server because the hard paths will be incorrect. I know this isnt too huge of a deal because that is only the backup way SW looks up parts but I would like to preserve this. I know that SW has a pack and go option as well but to do this for the hundreds of assemblies that I have would be way too time consuming. Is there any quick way to transfer all these files and correct the path issues at the same time? Does Solid PDM have a feature like this?


Any help would be great