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Solidworks SDK (License Expired)

Question asked by Welland Encorporado on Feb 6, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2011 by Kirk Journy

Hey everyone. I was enrolled in a solidworks class last semester and as a result, I had to download and install solidworks to my computer. However, my license just recently expired and it has not even been 150 days yet. It expired at the end of the semester.


Now, its the second semester and I am also enrolled on the 2nd semester class for solidworks. I've tried reinstalling and everything to get my license back but with no luck.


I tried contacting the student support via phone but apparently there is none.. only this forums.


Our professor provided us with the same SDK/SDC number (or whatever) that he provided as last semester. The serial number I received to my email address is the same as last semester. Any ideas on how I would be able to get my license back without having to pay for another 150 days of license. This license came with the books we bought for the class.