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Paste as reference push variable values

Question asked by Mike Yesesky on Feb 3, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2011 by Howard Dexter

Is there a way to push variable values through a paste as reference?


Let me give you a short description of our process to help:


Once a drawing is approved by a peer review process the draftsman or engineer will create a ECN (engineering change notice) document.  They will then attach the affected drawing as a reference to the ECN.  They will then fill out a data card that pushes information to the ECN document.  They fill out one tab releated to ECN changes and a second tab related to information about the drawing (part number, descriptions, weight, etc.).  We add this information to the card so our final approvers will not have to open the drawing to get the information about the part. 


What we would like is that once the person attahces the drawing as a reference can enterprise send through that created link certain values for variables that are on both cards?  This would be a big time saver for us since currently the enginneer/draftsman has to copy/paste the information onto the ECN data card.      


Thanks for any input