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Workgroup PDM - Vault messages - What do they mean?

Question asked by Brian Watts on Feb 3, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2011 by Brian Watts

Hi everyone,


We have since upgraded to SP2011 and now experiencing some problems with the vault.



This message only appears first thing when I fire up Solidworks. I have been advised to disable the Solidwork network license for Edrawings, tried this but has not fixed the problem. (Edrawings-tools-options-general tab).


Also noticed that the box is unchecked each time I look at this (in Edrawings), so when I do check the box, next time I begin SW from scratch,everything is back to how it was originally.



Some of the assemblies recently have shown this message when a "Document Information" to view the the file before checking in. No other work has been carried out to these assemblies as they are filed in the vault. This message has also appeared after the upgrade.


Although this has not stop us with our day-2-day work, I do not like to leave these sort of matters alone but try and tackle them asap. I have raised a support call with our VAR and to be fair they are looking into this but I was hoping that I could put this out to you all SW users for vaulable feedback/advice.


Well I hope that is enough information, if not, let me know and I can forward further details.


Thanks in advance,


Brian Watts