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Configurations of part with included another parts...

Question asked by Zakhar Shafulin on Feb 3, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2011 by Zakhar Shafulin

Hi guys, can someone give me an advice? 

We create part "A" with family table 1, we add into it parts "B" and "C" with them own family table in part "A" by function "insert part" (we all know how to do it...), after this we add to family table 1 different configurations of this parts "B","C" by function "$CONFIGURATION@...", and it's all worked until we close this files. If we would try to open only part "A" the configurations of B,C don't work! But if we open at first  parts "B","C" and after part "A" all will work again. I tried to add location of those parts "B" and "C" into "Search paths" but it didn't help, solidworks don't want to refresh configurations... It's work normally only if parts "B" and "C" opened in current session.
Maybe I miss something?
p.s. If I'll do the same with using an assambly, all will wokr perfectly...