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    mesh import without conversion to smooth geometry

    Chris Taylor

      I have a need to model using imported polygonal meshes, but I do not think that ScanTo3d or similar solutions will work for me. The models I am importing are highly irregular in shape, and not at all conducive to conversion into smooth solid/surface geometry.

      My current strategy is to import STL files with "create solid bodies" selected. This works well, but there is a limit to the number of facets that an imported object can have (around 10K it seems - at least in SW2010), and this is just a bit shy (about half) of the number of facets I would like. Here are some questions I have:
      1) can someone (who hasn't let their maintenance lapse) tell me if SW2011 still has a limit of 10,000 facets for importing a mesh as as Solid body?
      2) Is the 10,000 facet limit changeable (i.e. on a system with more RAM)?
      3) the upgrade to SW premium is a bit out of my reach, but can users of scanTo3d comment on its usefullness for extremely complex imported meshes?
      I would greatly appreciate any answers, suggestions or comments. Thanks in advance!