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Quadro 600 and configuration question...

Question asked by Jacob Buehn on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by Charles Culp

So I'll start by saying I'm a technically minded person but not computer savy so bear with me.


I am working on upgrading a desktop to be able to run SW 2011.  It is a Dell Dimension 9200 with Core Duo 2.13, 2 GB of RAM and GeForce 7300.  I am only going to be working with smaller assbly's (up to maybe 500/1000 parts) and am working on a budget.  For upgrades I am looking at either the quadro fx 580 or quadro 600 graphics card.  I am also going to upgrade the RAM and run Windows 7 x64.


My questions:


1.) Is there any reason why I would not go with the 600 over the 580?  It looks like better performance but not sure.  My computer currently has DDR2 RAM and the specs on the graphics card say that an issue or not related at all?


2.) For the RAM, if I currently have DDR2 is that what i'm going to have to upgrade with or can I go to DDR3?  (This is where my computer knowledge stops)


3.) Currently I am in my last year to get my ME degree but I have a job now where I will be doing a fair amount of SW work so I need a machine that will get me through and in about a year we will build me a better performing machine.  But...are there any other suggestions for upgardes?  Budget wise we're trying to stay around $300-$400 not counting the upgrade in OS.


Thanks in advance for your responses, I thought it much better to ask for help before I buy and install components only to find out they're incorrect.