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Fixed-pinned column buckling analysis help

Question asked by Omid Khandan on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2011 by Omid Khandan

Hi all,


I am working on some column buckling analysis in SW simulations and needed help with the fixed-pinned geometry analysis.


My problem is pinning the column on the top because I have a wedge tip (like a piece of pie). I have tried applying a roller to different parts of the column but my simluation result for the critical buckling load does not correspond very well with simple Euler's buckling analysis equations:




where K = 0.699 for fixed-pinned geometry.


Again, my results correspond well with the fixed-free simulations, but are not working out for the fixed-pinned geometry, I think due to the wedge shape of the tip and incorrect restrictions on the model.


I have attached the model. The wedge tip is where the force is applied, and where the column is pinned. The bottom flat end is the fixed end.


Thanks for your help in advance.