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Video Card Question

Question asked by Adam Raff on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2011 by Charlie Flach

Good Day,


It seems I am getting a little confused when it comes to video cards.  We use dell systems with Nvidia cards the systems are there Precision Workstations and we have been using them for a a long time but it seems SolidWorks does not check all the configs and we ran into a problem with one and I received confusing information from my reseller who said to me that I can use a standard Nvidia driver.


Now some time back we had an issue when we installed a standard Nvidia driver and the program crashed so much it was a mess.  We contacted our reseller and after a long and painful time we were able to talk to a SolidWorks engineer.  We explained what the problem was and he asked us if we downloaded the driver from Nvidia website and we said yes.


He explained that Dell modifies there boards to a degree which is why YOU should always use Dell drivers and not the driver set for that reason.  We changed driver set and the problem was fixed.  Now they are telling us to use Nvidia drivers again or our reseller is because Dell has no drivers and SolidWorks did not test this config with windows 7 (XP yes).


So now to my question.  Can we use the downloaded Nvidia driver set.  Am I getting bad information or miss information from someone?  Any help would be appreshated in this matter.



Adam Raff