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Moving parts

Question asked by Marty Winters on Feb 2, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2011 by Scott McFadden

I have three components in the included assembly: tank, pump & basket strainer (there are more but my question concerns these).  I have added some constraints to align the pump and strainer along the axis for one of the tank flanges and to orient the rotation angle of the components.  The tank, pump & strainer are free to move along the axis of flange (closer, further).  I am just trying to move them to get general location.  I can click on the pump or tank and they move without moving the other 2.  However, when I try to move the strainer, it either won't move or it moves the tank in tandem.  The strainer was the last added to the assembly.


Any ideas on why this would happen? 


I have included the model for reference (let me know if I have to attach the individual part/assembly files for each sub-part/assembly).   The parts/assemblies in question are:

  • Florida Tank Assembly
  • Pump
  • Hayward 2in basket stainer