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    SWUG - NYC

    Matt Rohr


      I am currently attempting to form a SolidWorks User Group for the New York City area.  The first group meeting is planned for April or  May depending on how quickly we’re able to gain interest from the community and  make the necessary arrangements.  If anyone out there is in the metro New York region and would like to participate please get in touch with me.



      Matt Rohr



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          John Matrishon

          Matt, this is great news!!  You should talk with you local VARs and let them help get the word out, it's one of the best options early on in the game.


          Don't worry too much about attendance at first.  they will come eventually.  Good luck!!!



          WMASS Swug leader

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            Matt Rohr

            For those interested SWUGNYC is a definite go - to get involved visit http://swugnyc.org

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                Mike Cole

                I'd like to thank Matt Rohr for his tremendous work bringing the NYC User Group to life. I have been a New Yorker since childhood and only recently moved back home. So far I've attended 2 user groups The December one last year was a great one held at the Ebay NYC offices. The meeting was packed with two great presentations one on using Blender.org software for fluid simulation in SolidWorks. Blender is a presentation annimation software which is open source and works on Mac, PC and Linux. The other was given by Industrial Designer Jeremy Singley who talked about surfacing issues and workarounds he's seen/used for SolidWorks designs.
                You can see more about him at the following links to his company site and a SolidWorks Case Study I found searching the SldWorks website. The above link to the usergroup page is still active. If you live in the NewYorkCity area please join us for future meetings the next of which is being planned for May 2014
                Jeremy Singley Industrial Designs
                SolidWorks CaseStudy
                SWUGNYC-MeetupGroup Now being used for RSVP's meeting info.
                Hope to see some of you who are New Yorkers or live nearby at one of their future meetings.
                PS: I'm just a group member not an official spokesperson. Refer all questions about the group to Matt or one of the other organizers who can be  found here swugnyc_leaders
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                    Edson Gebo

                    Matt does a fantastic job with his group.  Thats why his group won SWUG of the Year in 2013.  I love going to his meetings.  Good guy to just hang with and talk shop...and attend an occasional baseball game as well