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    Linking Custom Properties

    Nick Pandelos

      I am trying to find a way to link a custom property in a part or assembly to another custom property in a drawing mainly the description. I'm trying to avoid any input errors.

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          Scott McFadden


          If you are saying what I think you are saying, description is a system property

          that comes with Solidworks.  Just create inside of the file>properties.

          Then in your drawing, in the titleblock create a note and select link to property.



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              Nick Pandelos

              I understand what you suggested and I have done that on our drawing formats. What I'm looking for is on a new or current model someone types in the description. Then once you go to create the drawing for it it will auto-populate a custom property in the drawing with what was put into the model.

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                  Jeremy Feist

                  if that is set up in you templates, then the link will be in the drawing and it will automatically populate with the data from the model. if that is not happening, double check that it is set up in the templates, and that you are using the templates you intended.

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                      Daen Hendrickson

                      If I understand this correctly, he is not asking how to link annotations in the titleblock to model properties, but rather how to link drawing file properties to part file properties. I myself would like to know how to do this. Basically, when you click the "Make Drawing from Part / Assembly" button in the model, how do you automatically carry over all the custom properties in the model to the matched custom properties in the drawing?


                      I have asked a similar thing in other threads and the best suggestions I got was to purchase some third-party applications or sharpen up my API skills.


                      In a drawing (or part/assembly) you can set one custom property to another (such as Description) by inserting a $PRP:"Description" in the Value / Text Expression area. However, as soon as you try to modify this to $PRPSheet:"Description" or $PRPModel:"Description" to point outside of the current file SW won't recognize it and just evaluates it to the litteral string you typed in.


                      What types of custom properties would I like to carry over from a part to an assembly to a drawing:



                      Contract Name

                      Contract Number

                      Lead Engineer


                      so on...

                      so forth...


                      The property tab builder has greatly eased the copy and paste associated with this activity, but I still have to manually fill each data item from drop down lists every time I create a drawing (or assembly).



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                      Scott McFadden


                      No, I understand that.  What I am telling you is create this link oper my last post in yout format

                      knowing this custom property is already in your part then swap out the old template with the new one

                      that has this proeprty already setup in it.  If you have the tab builder set up and this description

                      property is setup in it then and old part will have this property grandfathered in.

                      I hope this makes sense to you.