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Random Texture - PV2011

Question asked by Chris Chastine on Feb 2, 2011

Has anyone else run across this issue? If you look at the image you will see a textured surface on the grey frame that rests behind a piece of glass. There should not be any textures showing on these surfaces. There are no textures appearing at any other portion of the glass or the dark grey plastic so not sure why  they are showing up on these surfaces.

I have applied a 'dark grey medium gloss plastic' appearance (bodies in the part model) to the frame portion and a 'clear glass' appearance to the front body. I have turned off (and made 0) the bump maps for both the plastic and the glass. I have tried applying a 'polycarbonate plastic' to the glass bodies but still get the same texture appearing. The glass is 1/8" off the frame body so there isn't any interference that might be causing the issue.

Has anyone run across this before? Better yet, if so then what was done to correct the issue?


Thanks for any advice!