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    Hole Table Font size issue in 2011

    Tibor Meszes



      I have SWX 2011 (sp2.0)

      In a hole table I'd like to add some tolerances to a hole size cell. It works great, but that is changes the font size of the tolerance and all of texts what is coming after "<MOD-DIAM><DIM>", example "THRU". I can change the font size of the cell, but it is not change the size all of the text in the cell.

      (I've attached a picture of this problem.)


      Have anybody any idea about the solution?


      thank you

        • Re: Hole Table Font size issue in 2011
          Tibor Meszes

          I found the solution.. it was because of the installation..

          Our administrator first upgraded the SWX 2011 fom SWX 2009, and when there was some error with it, he uninstalled the SWX and reinstall it, but he did'nt deleted the SWX2009 folders. And after it, in the SWX 2011 System Options->File Locations all of the folders was pointed to the SWX2009 folders.

          I changed all of the folder to the correct one, and now it is working well..