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Select All... of what? (Survey)

Question asked by Ben Schriesheim Employee on Feb 1, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2011 by John Jablonski

Hi Everyone,


One enhancement idea that has come up in the past is the addition of a "Ctrl+A" keyboard shortcut for Select All in SolidWorks. This strikes me as something that might be useful--for example, if you want to convert all entities in a sketch to construction geometry, you can simply press "Ctrl+A" rather than performing a box-select and potentially missing some far-flung sketch points.


This would be implemented as a simple command in SolidWorks--much like Cut, Copy, Paste, et cetera. By default, it would be accessible from the Edit menu and assigned to the "Ctrl+A" keyboard shortcut. Of course, you could also add it to a toolbar or mouse gesture if (for whatever reason) you wanted to.


The question is... what will this command select all of? Having talked to several people, this apparently isn't such a simple question. I suspect it would behave differently depending on the current mode. For example:


  • In Sketch mode:
    • Select all sketch entities (this one seems to be the most straightforward, but I could be wrong)
  • In Assembly mode:
    • Select all components (except those that are suppressed or hidden)
  • In Drawings mode:
    • Select all views? All views and annotations? Only select items on the active layer, or on all layers?
  • In Part mode:
    • Select all bodies? All features? Does it depend on the state of your selection filters?


To help make this command as useful as possible, please fill out the following (short!) survey and/or respond to this thread:


Other feedback is welcome too, including "don't add this command at all!"


Thanks for your input,


Ben Schriesheim

SolidWorks User Experience