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    fitting surface

    Samer Domat

      I am wandering if I can fit a free form surface into an area in SolidWorks, can anyone help me how to do that (if I can)?

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          Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M

          Hi Samer,


          Welcome to SW Forums,


          If i understand you correctly, You are asking how to do a free form in SolidWorks, Correct me if i am wrong.


          You can perform a free form operation on any surface / face of the model,


          1) Open SolidWorks, Click on Insert, Surface and Free form command.


          2) You can control the parameter of the form in the property manager on the LHS.


          3) Adding curves and points would help you to do a free form.


          More information at help.solidworks.com (Search for Freeform)


          Cheers !


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              Samer Domat

              Thanks for your help. but I am still having a small problem.

              I followed your steps but when I clicked on "insert" and then "surface" I only got two choices "Extrude", and "Revolve" but the other choices (Sweep, Planar, Freeform,..etc) were not activated so I can not choose them !! should I do something to activate those modules? and one other quick question; Do you know if I can take snapshot for my working area?

              I really appreciate your help and time.. I am still new to SW..


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              Charles Culp



              Raghu is correct, however you must first create a surface, before you can adjust it with the freeform tool. Freeform only modifies exisiting surfaces. Try the Surface>Filled Surface command to fill in an area defined by a boundary of sketched lines.

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                Matthew Perez

                There is another note for you.  You can now make your edges "movable" so you can peel them away from the surrounding geometry.  The cool thing with this, if you are applyin freeform to the face of a solid after you have peeled it away, SW will fill in the gaps.