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    What happened to mesh failure diagnostics?

    Joe Rochinski

      This is my first simulation study since upgrading from SW2010 to SW2011 SP2.0.


      I go to mesh my model, and upon completion the software tells me that meshing some bodies has failed. It now gives me a nice box with the option to run mesh failure diagnostics immediately. But instead of running failure diagnostics like it used to, it pulls up the stupid simulation advisor, which is of no help to me at all. Same thing if I right click mesh in the simulation feature manager.


      So whats the deal?

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          Fernando diaz

          Maybe you have to modify meshing parameters, set standard mesh rather than curvatura based mesh 

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            Joe Rochinski

            I've learned that when meshing solid bodies, failure diagnostics does indeed provide a small bit of info in the simulation advisor to help you fix the issue. If you're meshing surfaces, however, you're out of luck.


            Not only does the simulation advisor fail to tell you anything useful in this case, but it actually gives the impression that everything with your model is fine and dandy and ready to run the simulation!

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                Ali Seyam

                I also got puzzled by mesh failure diagnostics a couple of days ago....


                I had a mixed mesh assembly, some solid elements mixed with shell elements (shell parts were set to bonded contact sets with solid parts). Some of the solid parts would not mesh, and yet it would give you a green check mark next to the mesh icon like everything indeed was "dandy."


                Failure diagnostics would say something like "surface mesh sucessfull, volume mesh failed, try using smaller elements." I had elements that were too coarse on some of these parts, so I added a local mesh control to make those parts more fine because the global mesh setting (even at its finest) was still to coarse for those parts.


                From my experience, usually parts that fail to mesh need a local mesh control assigned to them to make them finer than the finest global mesh setting. Once I added mesh controls to parts that failed to mesh, the problem went away (all parts successfully meshed).


                It took me a while to figure out how to add and use mesh controls in SolidWorks. If anyone wants me to spill out the details, let me know....

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                Dave Laban

                I hate to drag this thread up from the depths but I have just encountered this problem after upgrading to SW2011.


                Instead of getting the old Mesh Failure Diagnostics window in the Feature Manager Tree Area (which usefully told you which faces/edges had failed, meaning you could apply a Mesh Control in the correct area), I now get the Simulation Advisor pop up which tells me...pretty much nothing.


                It only tells me which part/s have failed (I know which part has failed, there's only one there..), I can check the geometry for failed components (it's all fine) or I can simplify the model for meshing (I have already pared it down as much as I can).


                And just to rub a bit more salt in to the wound, the Task Pane gets reactivated and I have to manually turn it off again by going in and customising my activated toolbars.



                So basically, is there any way of getting back to the old style of Mesh Failure Diagnostics?  Looking in the SW2011 help files, it's certainly describing the old system.  Is there a tick-box buried in Options somewhere?  This was always one of the most useful features of Simulation for me and it would be great to get it back. 


                I'm curious as to what reasons there were behind changing it, if anyone from SolidWorks can answer that?