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Large Drawing Performance

Question asked by Jason Barr on Jan 31, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2011 by Thomas S.

I have a couple of very large assemblies and I am having some problems with the drawings for them.  I have a lot of trouble trying to get the drawings saved as a pdf because the views will not turn to high quality.  The only way that I have gotten it to work is to first save it as a dxf (which forces everything to load and the views turn HQ).  I can then save the drawing as a pdf.  The problem with this is that I have to let it run overnight, only to come back in the morning to the message box "some views will be saved as draft quality".  Then I have to wait the rest of the day for it to save.


I have made simple configs for all of the sub-assemblies and removed everything that isn't essential.  The assembly has 37,000 components and 9 top level sub-assemblies (it used to have +55,000 components).  I have tried using a "convert to high quality views" macro that I downloaded.  It works on the smaller assemblies but it just wont work on the large ones.  I can see the symbol for the view change when it is running but it switches back to draft quality when it is finished.


We use PDMWorks Enterprise and my computer specs are:

Dell Precision T5500

Intell Xeon E5506@2.13GHz

12 GB ram

Quadro FX 580


I know that an assembly/drawing file this large is pretty taxing on the system but its kind of hard explaining to the customer that they will have to wait 2+ days for me to add a note or dimension.  Any suggestions?