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Interesting SW install issue - PC - says it does not have SW installed, CD says it does

Question asked by Joseph Ankers on Jan 31, 2011

back ground.


Uninstalled Solidworks 2010,


Re installed 2011, All went well until it sayd either you need to stop a process, or reset your computer after.


i couldnt find the SW process in task manager so i thought i can reset no problem.


now when i reset i dont think it restarted properly (which may have contributed to issue)




Solidworks 2011 start icons are no where, PDM,e drawings and explorer are all viewable. no worries i thought i could just do another re install.


However if i go to the CD then open the installation manager it says Solidworks SP2 in installed,


if i go to Solidworks 2011 in the windows change/remove list and click on Solidworks 2011 and uninstall it does not give me the option to uninstall 2011 only PDM or explorer - like it does not even think SW2011 is installed.



so now i cant a) use it b) remove it c) repair it) or d) install it.