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SolidWorks World presentation "SolidWorks to modo: What's in the kit" now available

Question asked by Rob Rodríguez on Jan 30, 2011

“Solidworks to modo: What’s in the kit” was a well attended session at SolidWorks World 2011. Paul McCrorey and I teamed up to give this session together.  Neither of us had ever done a session with a partner but it went well and very smooth I think.  The presentation gives an overview of what users will find inside the soon to be released “modo for SolidWorks kit”.  If you’re a modo user working with SolidWorks files or a SolidWorks user who’d like to explore modo you’ll definitely want to have a look.  This session was also videotaped by SolidWorks.  Once the conference proceedings are released you can see the full video version which will also include audience questions.