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    Plate elements, brick elements?

    Kevin De Smet

      I was wondering why Solidworks Sim doesn't have these element types?

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          David Anderson

          because its a stripped FEA package. essentially a tet blaster!

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            Anthony Botting

            Hi Kevin: Actually, it does have them. If you have the SolidWorks Simulation Premium package, make sure to allow a product labeled as "COSMOSM" to install. Assuming you have done that, launch one of the interfaces known as "GeoSTAR". There are brick elements (hexahedron) known as "SOLID". The tetrahedrons are labeled "TETRA4" and "TETRA10", and they have quadrilateral-shaped, flat elements that can be used to represent plate behavior as "SHELL4" and even for plane-2D behavior as "PLANE2D". You can port your SW model to the interface and use those type of elements. Hope that helps.

            Note that SW Corp no longer sells the GeoSTAR interface as a stand-alone FEA package, but it is included with SW Sim Premium and is extremely powerful, due largely to its voluminous element library. I hope that helps. -Tony