The Photo Real Challenge

Discussion created by Guest on Sep 24, 2006
Something else exciting is happening at for the month
of October. You may remember Mark Biasotti's post
( for the PhotoWorks
survey and most photo realistic image vote. A number of us asked for the
camera model used in that challenge to be posted publicly so the general CAD
community could give it a try. Unfortunately Mark wasn't able to release
this model file.

A number of us wanted to do a similar challenge for the CAD/rendering
community so I have set up the Photo Real Challenge at my website (this
challenge is in no way affiliated with SolidWorks corporation).

The Photo Real Challenge is a contest to determine who can create the most
photorealistic image of the supplied SolidWorks model using any rendering
software available (you do not need to use PhotoWorks). The Photo Real
Challenge is similar to the PhotoWorks Rendering Contest in that you will
have approximately 25 days to create a rendering from the supplied model.
All submitted images for the Photo Real Challenge will be posted for a
voting period of 5 days. Voting will be done by site visitors and contest
participants. The rules for the Photo Real Challenge are different than the
PhotoWorks Rendering Contest and can be found at along
with the model for download. In addition to submitting an image all
entrants will be asked to supply their computer specs, rendering set up time
and rendering processing (save) time.