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ListBox SQL statement get variable from data card or model card ?!

Question asked by Yann Le Dirach on Jan 28, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2011 by Faur Arama

Hello everyone,


I am facing with a probleme :


1/ I create a modèle from model card which create a ProjectN° (from serialnumber). This model créate a ms project file with all informations from model card variable. Everything is OK

2/When I create new files (docx, xlsx, cad files) I would like to linked them to the ProjectNumber. So I create a model card with variables (CompanyName) and a listbox which get me the list of my projectnumbers throuh a SQL Statement. OK.


SELECT [ValueText]
  FROM [DBBE].[dbo].[VariableValue]
  WHERE [VariableID]=54  ' 54 is the IDnumber of my varibale

  GROUP BY [VariableID], [ValueText]
  ORDER BY [ValueText]


Question :


I would like to retrieve my projectnumber from a specific company name that I choose from a simple SQL listbox. For exemple :



Do you know if is it possible ?