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Why does SaveAll work when Save doesn't

Question asked by Greg Kelley on Jan 28, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2011 by Jerry Steiger

Recently we switched from SW2009 (mostly running 32 bit XP pro, 1 64 bit vista) to SW 2011 (mostly win 7 64 bit, with a few 32 bit XP for now) and have encountered countless problems particularly in opening & saving files.  The file I'm working in right now won't let me do a Save ( it says another process has locked the file), but it will let me do a SaveAll.  Does anyone have any explanation.


We're getting similar errors frequently in our other files too. as well as "failed to save".  Part of our problem is probably network related, although it also happens when we try to work on our local harddrives (but not as frequently)


We run a gigabit network, but our access speed seems incredibly slow (sometimes but not all the time) since the switchover.


we're working with our reseller, but so far the recommendations haven't achieved much, and some are counter to what I've always been told to do (I think this is a bandaid due to the slow access) such as confirming collaboration settings(and a few other settings), clearing dismissed messages, Using toolbox & libraries from our local drives


Any help or insight would be appreciated.