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Installation issue with sw11 x64

Question asked by Richard Young on Jan 27, 2011

Hello Group,


I am trying to run SW2011 x64, but am having several issues. Not sure if they are related to each other:


1. Upon launching SW, I get a dialog box during the splash screen saying "Solidworks Database is missing. Complete functionality will not be available". But SW still launches ok.

2. I cannot load the toolbox feature for fasteners etc. A dialog box says "The Toolbox database file was not found in this folder: C:\Solidworks Data\lang\english\".

3. The SW RX feature says it "cannot access the toolbox database service pack" and has a yellow X next to the comment.

4. Attempting to fix the problem by clicking 'setup.exe" from the CD opens a webpage with the following error message, "Navigation to this page has been cancelled".

5. I can create parts in SW, but the above issues still exist.

6. The Windows uninstall feature does not allow the uninstallation of SW. (I thought that might be another way to reload SW).


I am lost at this point. Can someone provide some asistance?


The computer I'm using is new and all other applicatons on this computer work fine:


Intel i7 processor

12Gb of RAM

NVidia Quadro 2000 video card

Seagate 1 TB HD

Windows 7 Pro


Thank you in advance,