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Slow performance after upgrading eDrawings Viewer to v11

Question asked by Angus Scott-Fleming on Jan 27, 2011

One of my users is reporting a vast slowdown on his XP-32bit system after upgrading from an older version of eDrawings Viewer to the current version.  He had to upgrade because one of the engineers he works with upgraded HIS software, forcing my user to upgrade.  Now just wiggling the mouse over the eDrawings Viewer (v11.x) pegs one of his two CPUs at 100% and the menu which appears after a right-click, which used to be instantaneous, takes 4 seconds.


System is XP Pro, 32bit, 2gb RAM (we can't upgrade to more RAM due to a hardware issue on the motherboard), with an NVidia GeForce 9400 GT (I know it's not on the list of supported video cards, but it was working fine until the upgrade).  We checked using Microsoft's SysInternals tool Process Explorer and it IS the eDV software which is consuming all the CPU.  Disabling the AV makes no difference.


Ideas welcome, TIA.