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appearances change every time I open file

Question asked by Barry Shapiro on Jan 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2011 by Barry Shapiro

We just installed SW 2011. I had an assembly that I rendered in PV360 in SW 2010. Most of the time when opening this assembly in PV it would keep most color info intact. Since upgrading to 2011 the appearances in both SW and the PV preview window seam to change on their own. I had added a texture to one part which also changes in scaling to a default size every time I open it. Most of the color info applied within the context of the Assembly gets lost. Only parts that I applied the color to in a sub assembly or an individual part stays correct.


Also when I try to change the color on some parts other parts change to random colors.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Note that I have been using PV since it came out without any real problems and consider myself an expert in PV. And yes I already updated my graphics to the certified driver. I am using a dual processor Quad core Xeon with a nVidia Quadra FX 1800 running XP pro. The SW install is the current SP2.


Also lost all appearances when I changed form camera view to front view.  (this really sucks)