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Radial constraints

Question asked by Marty Winters on Jan 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2011 by Marty Winters

Newbie question here.  I am placing a pipe on the exterier of a tank (cylinder) such that it is pointing radially outward.  I can't seem to get my constraints to work.  I have tried:


1. Axis of pipe perpendicular to tank wall.  This was my first guess.  Not sure why it doesn't work.

2. Axis of pipe perpendicular to tank axis.  I guess this is satisfied, however, pipe axis is not forced to intersect tank axis so orientation is not forced.

3. Axis of pipe coincident with tank axis.  Thought this might fix the above weakness but fails because it wants both axis to match along their length instead of just one point.

4. Pipe face parallel to tank wall.  Not allowed (which I can understand).


The tank and the pipe are both parts that I am putting together into an assembly.


Any ideas?  I could create construction geometry (sketches) but it seemed like overkill.