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Problem when trying to insert a Toolbox part into an assembly.

Question asked by Glenn Parks on Jan 27, 2011

One of our people is getting an error message when they try to insert a Toolbox part into an assembly. The message states "Unable to load custom properties, custon properties will not be shown", and if they hit the "OK" button another error window opens with:


"Unable to open configuration table:

Table name: AI_CFG_BS_HHBO

Sort field(s): GRID_ITEM_NUMBER

Filter field(s): [GRID_ITEM_NUMBER]>=0

DAO error message: Make sure the table exists and the specified sort order and filter fields exist in the table's design."


If they hit the "OK" button from this window it goes back to the main SolidWorks window but the Toolbox part has not been inserted into the assembly.


I have searched both their computer and mine, that does not pop up with this error, and cannot locate this table. Has anyone on this forum seen this before and have any idea what could be causing this? Re-starting the computer does not solve the problem.