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    assembly study

    Mark Kaiser

      New to simulating assemblies.


      I've attached my assembly and parts, there is a study that meshes, but fails to run (in the assembly). 


      What am I doing wrong?

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          Ryan Werner

          Hi Mark,


          Just a couple of things.  You needed to add a pin connection between the two halves.  Also, I added another No Penetration between the touching faces of the halves so that they could move and slide over one another.  Finally, I changes the No Penetration between the wood and the Brown half to a bonded so that the piece of wood was somewhat restrained, otherwise it just falls away in the analysis.  If you turn the deformation on in the results you will see the wood is still rotating a litlle.  I am not sure how you want to keep that from happening or if you care but I thought I would mention it.  This is a case where using Large Displacement may not be a bad idea since it will load the model at intervals instead of all at once.  Just a thought and good luck.


          Ryan W.