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Unable to edit BOM I created 5 mins ago.

Question asked by Paul G on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2011 by Paul G

Hello, I'm using SW2010x64 SP4.0.  I just created a BOM for an ass'y, saved it as an excel2007, then I hid the BOM (rt clk... Hide Table) and save the ass'y over the existing file.  A co-worker opened the ass'y (onhis computer) and asked why he couldn't click on the BOM.  I opened the ass'y I just saved(on my computer), rt clk,...Show Table and I can't click on it either.

Wazzupwitdat?lol  Components (and subassemblies) in our ass'y are lightweight (I know, I've just been reading the forum and aparrently it causes issues), I don't know if this is relevant to my problem.  I'm new with working with BOM's; been modeling with SW for over a year.

I assume I'm doing something incorrectly, does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, unrelated to this 'not being able to click on my BOM' issue:  Some cells are blank: no ITEM NO, no PART NO, but QTY is there.  Is this an example of issues with lightweight components?  I can't select anything in the BOM to quickly find what component it is, I'll have to go thru the mile-long assembly tree if anyone needs to know exactly what component(s) are coming up blank.

Thanks for taking time to help me out!