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Upgrading from SW2009 SP5 to SW2010 SP5 or SW2011 SP2

Question asked by Ken Kollin on Jan 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2011 by Glenn Schroeder

We just renewed our licenses for SW and added another floating license.  We have both floating and standalone licenses.  I have some concerns about what would be the safest/smartest upgrade because my users have a mix of OS and 32/64-bit workstations.  One of the two heavy users is also getting a computer upgrade and a new OS.


Currently they use:

Windows XP 64-bit (Heavy User 1)

Windows XP 64-bit (Heavy User 2)

Windows XP 32-bit (typical floating user)


After adding the floating license and upgrading it would be:

Windows 7 64-bit (Heavy User 1)

Windows XP 64-bit (Heavy User 2)

Windows XP 64-bit (a floating user that gets Heavy User 1's old workstation)

Windows XP 32-bit (other floating users)


My questions are (hopefully not too vague/general):

1) How well does SW2010 SP5 64-bit run on Windows 7 64-bit compared to SW2011 SP2 64-bit?

2) How stable is SW2011 SP2 64-bit compared to SW2010 SP5 64-bit (age old question of last year's latest vs this year's latest)

3) How stable is SW2011 SP2 32-bit compared to SW2010 SP5 32-bit?


Thanks a bunch!